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Allen Bradley 849A-ZOB24 440/480 VAC Coil 79A288 Pneumatic Relay 849AZOB24 (222921742811)
Allen-Bradley Pneumatic Relay 849A-ZOB24 10A 600V 480V Coil Used (291208785921)
NEW ALLEN-BRADLEY 849A-ZOB24 PNEUMATIC TIMING RELAY 480 volt coil (292370059241)
ALLEN-BRADLEY 849A-ZOB24 SER. B USNT (291505403126)
ALLEN BRADLEY 849A-ZOB-24 (Used, Cleaned, Tested 2 year warranty) (312020758121)
ALLEN BRADLEY 849A-ZOB-24 (Surplus New not in factory packaging) (232439115412)

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